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About Our Courses

  • Course Levels

    Our application-focused courses are specifically designed to provide clear steps forward to help behavior analysts turn knowledge into skills. We have developed a series of courses for professionals at any level in their career, and who want to put into practice what they learned to make meaningful differences in their organizations and with clients.

  • Course Topics

    We have created a variety of courses that cover topics in learning, supervision, and ethics. We place a heavy emphasis on helping professionals develop their clinical decision-making skills. In order to help participants locate the course topic they are seeking, we have established a course coding system.

  • Continuing Education

    SAGE Learning Systems is an approved continuing education (ceu) provider for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®), Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA®), and the International Behavior Analysis (IBAO).


Jamie Hughes-Lika, Ph.D., BCBA-D LBA, IBA

Senior Instructor

Jamie Hughes-Lika

Dr. Jamie is the founder and Chief Product Officer for SAGE Learning Systems, an organization dedicated to using technology to deliver high-quality education, training, and resources for ABA providers and families. Our courses are designed to ensure that the sage advice offered is easily applied in your practice and we provide you with the tools to do so. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Saint Ambrose University, her Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University (advisor Dr. Stephanie Peterson), and her Ph.D. in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from the University of Kent (advisor Dr. Mecca Chiesa). She has been providing evidence-based services for individuals with ASD for over 24 years and specializes in naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions (NDBIs) for infants and toddlers through her work as an Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) certified therapist and parent coach. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on behavior analysis, positive behavior support, ASD, and supervision in the US and abroad. She is passionate about ensuring supervises have the necessary skills to best help their clients and has created a competency-based system for supervision. Her current research interests and publications are focused on the use of technology to disseminate evidence-based behavioral training to parents and caregivers of children with ASD (OPT-In-Early). She has been certified as a BCaBA (2001), BCBA (2004), and BCBA-D (2015). She is an international speaker, published author, and active member of the ABAI Behavior Analysis SIG ‘on Supervision. Her applications for the use of technology for BACB supervision have been featured on the ABA Inside Track podcast (episode 63 and bonus episode 10). Additionally, she has presented her work on supervision and behavioral systems for several Behavior University webinars. She is the recipient of the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (SABA) International Development Grant for her work to promote research, education, training, and behavior analysis for professionals and families in Albania.

What Are Attendees Are Saying

This course is a "must have" for session notes

by Lindsay B.

We enrolled all of our technicians in the writing good session notes course and have seen a significant improvement n the quality of their session notes. This course is full of examples, resources, and is a 'must' for staff who need extra support with writing medically necessary session notes.

Loaded with information and knowledge

by Michael S.

I was looking for more information about how to ensure my session notes documented medical necessity. This course was the answer! It had a ton of information, resources, and job aids, and outlined a system to bring it all together. We are most excited about the 4-part framework for writing the narrative sections of the notes as we have never seen anything like this before; game changer!

Amazing source for newbies in the field, highly recommend!!

Marissa K.

This course is amazing for newbies in the field! It is very difficult as a new BCaBA/BCBA to find resources that tie our socially significant treatment goals for our clients back to the DSM-5 and medical necessity goals. The resources are great to print out and to use while applying this practice of creating medically necessary ABA goals, treatment plans, and reports for clients. Plus, you can complete this course at your own pace! Thank you Dr. Hughes-Lika!

Support that I have been looking for

Tina L.

My organization enrolled me in the T01 writing session notes course for technicians and I am so grateful. The information provided for the 4-part framework made a huge difference in how I write session notes. This course provided a lot of helpful information and I feel so much more confident in my ability to write ABA session notes, especially the written narrative sections. Phew!

The social motivation course is fantastic!

Thanos V.

This a fantastic course comprising essential information about the social motivation of autistic children and how we should tailor naturalistic developmental behavioural interventions around each child to help accelerate their learning and development. If you are interested in understanding the essential skills a child should have to benefit from naturally occurring learning opportunities, then this course is for you. Similarly, if you work with early populations or populations of students who are early learners and have complex needs, this course will give you a lot of ideas on how to design and approach your instruction and support. I have been in education and behaviour analysis for over ten years, and I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is a must-watch for teachers, speech and language therapists, behaviour analysts, psychologists, and more.